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College Virtual Tours

Check out the following links to virtual college campus tours, an excellent way to learn more about universities and college admissions that you are considering. The use of virtual tours, along with the worksheets below, can help you to learn more about schools you are unable to visit and/or to narrow down schools of interest.
CampusSherpa will offer you a personalized tour of the campus you're interested in, as well as specific buildings and locations of interest to you.  Definitely worth checking out!
CampusTours has numerous videos available under different areas of interest.  You’ll find videos on housing and campus tours broken down into manageable segments. Keep clicking through and enjoy what you find.
Magoosh is an online test preparation and study abroad counseling company based in Berkeley, California that educates students through audio/video lessons, practice test questions, and online email support
YouVisit offers helpful factual information about each school, with photos of buildings and an informative voice-over discussing the school.
Check out virtual college tours on YouTube.  Search for your college of interest and enjoy everything you find and learn! 

 In-person interviews from students on campus.

Click here to download the worksheets

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